Project, workgroup, and topic-related contact information is processed on iOS as a private contact. The following applies to these contacts in the address book: They are defenseless against messenger services, social media apps and other services. So these can be read out and transferred to the Internet and processed.


SecureContact provides you with an efficient address book app that protects and secures your contacts. But that's not enough! Unlike other address book apps, SecureContact offers various convenience features.


Only with SecureContact Pro ( companies, employees and home users can take the necessary technical measures to get the addresses of customers, friends and users Secure business partners - with simultaneous identification of incoming calls (caller identification).


with regard to privacy

With SecureContact you fulfill these important principles of the European General Data Protection Regulation ( DS-GVO ):

  • Data security, data integrity
  • Encryption of data
  • Protecting corporate data while maintaining privacy
  • Separation of private and business

The solution is easy to install and adapts to your infrastructure. You do not even have to manage the device.



comfort functions

In addition to the resolution of incoming calls, SecureContact Pro offers even more options. For example, users (on iOS) see the name of the missed caller in the call history. Activating a vacation mode also makes it possible to be unreachable on vacation for business contacts, unless the user unlocks individual contacts. The connection to communication tools such as WhatsApp, Skype and Co. is possible. In this case, however, only the telephone number is transferred to the respective communication tool, without the rest of the data record being disclosed.


How do the addresses in SecureContact come from?

So that contacts can be held in SecureContact, they must first be transferred to the app. For this SecureContact offers different possibilities


Manual system: The user can create his contact data himself by hand in the app. The data is then stored on the device, but can not be viewed from the outside.


Import by file: The import of files is possible with SecureContact. Unprotected vCard files (single / group contacts) can be imported as well as SecureContact files. Details about the SecureContact file can be found in the chapter "Security is a top priority". The files to be imported can be transferred with any communication tool or stored on compatible file shares (DocumentProvider).


Import via HTTPS / VPN: SecureContact files can be imported via HTTPS connection, which can also point to an in-house server via VPN. If this import rule is specified by an MDM system (Mobile Device Management), the data is automatically updated on a regular basis. The regularity can not be made more concrete on iOS systems, since this depends on the use of the device by the user.

SecureContact not only stores all data in encrypted form, it also makes the transfer of data secure. The files created in this way are called SecureContact files.

These files are exported fully encrypted and supplemented with their own authorization model. As a result, companies, for example, can decide whether the recipient is allowed to export the data themselves and possibly even edit it.


Connection to Exchange: SecureContact can connect EWS sources directly. You can access local Exchange installations just as you would on O365 as a data source. To do this, define the services URL that can be used to communicate with your Exchange Web Services (EWS). SecureContact basically includes support for:

- Basic-Authentifizierung

- NT LAN Manager (NTLM)-Authentifizierung

- Kerberos


There is a platform-independent server software for use in companies. It is able to transfer contact files to SecureContact files via a batch process (CMD line tool).


Once in SecureContact recorded contacts should always be disclosed only in SecureContact file format. This gives you control over the permissions of the recipient.


Set up SecureContact

For businesses, SecureContact offers MDM system support. As a result, companies are able to distribute the software centrally and transfer it to SecureContact with their own specifications (configurations). This prevents employees from accessing certain communication tools from SecureContact. Also the possibilities for import / export can be determined with this configuration. If a device is not managed by the MDM system, the user can download the app himself from the AppStore. In this case, he can configure the app himself and access the permissions models for imported records described in the section "Security is capitalized".


SecureContact is a safe haven for your contacts and offers a variety of functions.

The most important here in overview:


number resolution

SecureContact identifies incoming callers so that they are displayed by name.

SecureContact does not find out who is calling you when. Your privacy is always protected.


holiday mode

If you go on vacation you can have all calls blocked by SecureContact.

So you can enjoy your vacation - and if necessary, you remain for friends and relatives still reachable. You can define these as favorites.


PIN protection

Access to SecureContact can be effectively PIN protected. So only you will come to your contacts. Regardless, their data is heavily encrypted on the device.


SecureExport and SecureImport

And the encryption does not stop on the device. Recorded contacts can be passed on to other SecureContact users protected by a password and defined what the recipients are allowed to do with the contact. For example, you can make sure that your provided contacts can not be shared. With secure export, contacts can also be sent via messenger. Because for them, their contacts are no longer legible.


Address Book Import

You can transfer your existing contacts with one click from the iOS address book.


Secure Cloud Import

Store your contact details centrally and allow SecureContact to download them via VPN / SSL connection.


App Config

Use MDM to configure what your users are allowed to see where the data comes from (automated).



Added value at a glance

  • Identification of incoming calls 
  • Easy installation and handling 
  • Protection for business, freedom for employees through clean separation of business and private data 

  • SecureContact offers a significant gain in IT security through the use of strong encryption 

  • Support in the implementation of the requirements of the DS-GVO
    • Article 5 (2) - Integrity and confidentiality of data: 
      Clean separation of business and personal data and applications on the mobile device. 
    • Article 25 - Privacy is to be ensured by the right technology and privacy-friendly presets: 
      This requires appropriate technical and organizational measures (TOMs) to clearly distinguish between personal and business data on the device. The data is also protected against unauthorized access. 
    • Article 32 - Data security arrangements: 
      This can be supported by the closed app system and the encryption used.
  • Support for multiple data sources 
  • Exchange and O365 support through EWS interface

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