Manage your contacts in a symbiosis of GDPR requirements and user-friendliness

The administration of contacts in a separate container solution is offered by many providers. These containers only rely on the personal contacts of the user.


Only SecureContact Pro allows you to securely store contacts from various sources, such as your CRM system, mail server or personal address book (AES256).


SecureContact Pro is the only solution that allows you to make your global address list securely available offline (prerequisite: Exchange >=2013 or Office 365). Your employees will now know who is calling them from the company every time they make a call.


If you use a service with CardDav Service, you can also connect it to SecureContact. Different CardDav server configurations are offered on a special support website


Thanks to the deep integration in iOS, your contacts are not only secure, you also get a caller identification for incoming calls. Thanks to the SecureContact Pro keyboard, your contacts are only a finger away in every app. They can be used easily and as needed in other apps.

SecureContact Pro has made it its task to carry out all necessary processing in the app itself. For example, you can communicate directly with a server such as Microsoft Exchange. 


If you have a CRM system in use, you can connect it (currently) via SecureToolbox (Batch). Ask us for further information.  

Data protection and security

  • Security by Design
  • Data object security
  • Support for PIN / TouchID / FaceID
  • offers independent or supplementary data separation

Productivity increase

  • high performance in processing and search 
  • holiday mode
  • Integration with third-party apps
  • CardDav Support
  • EWS Support (Exchange, Kerio)
  • GAL Support (Exchange > 2013)
  • Support for NTLM, Kerberos
  • Support for Microsoft Office 365
  • Support for server batch operation
  • Legacy Email Support
  • direct connection of various VoIP, eMail and Messenger Apps
  • Multi-language support (German / English)

Mobile App Management

  • configure Appearance
  • connect data sources
  • implementation of DSGVO / compliance requirements
  • communication behavior and Server Load Control
  • Support for BYOD 
and COD

Convenient address management and view with DeepL access via favorites function

EWS support (>= Microsoft Exchange 2007) and global address list support (Microsoft Exchange >=2013)

Users can use the SecureContact Pro keyboard to access the data in SecureContact Pro as needed and use it in other apps.

The vacation mode ensures automatic forwarding to the answering machine.

Differentiation to the "managed" contacts

  • Global Address Book Support 
  • Support for the most common contact administrations (Exchange, CardDav) 
  • Support for multiple data sources
  • Support for mass imports
  • A solution for BYOD and COD
  • holiday mode
  • phone number resolution
  • Authorization Model in the Data Set
  • Data protection friendly connection to Messenger (if allowed)
  • Integration with third-party apps
  • Made in Germany



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