Machine learning puts old industries into turmoil and creates new ones. Are you ready?

Machine learning puts old industries into turmoil and creates new ones. Are you ready?


Fresh ideas. Sustainable results. You have the vision, we help to make it come true: With our cloud platform - made in Germany, of course - which is unique on the market, we offer a solution to make your machine learning models executable on all terminal devices and web platforms.


Whether you bring your own trained models, based on your industry expertise, or leave the creation of your data/image analysis models to us, we offer you a cost-efficient and secure way to make these models available via RestFull API. With an individual API key you can integrate any number of models, based on a cost-effective price model, into your apps, backend systems or other online connected IT products.


In addition, our marketplace offers you the option of leasing your models to other users for commercial use. In this scenario, the user can also use your industry expertise, but does not get any insight into the source data. Your intellectual property remains protected and you can generate additional revenue with your model (revenue distribution 70%:30%).

With our product we follow the request of the Federal Minister of Research. She recently announced an "Action Plan AI". In this area, it was necessary to become more attractive for investors and specialists and to counter the competition from the USA and China.


With this goal in mind, we are bringing machine learning to everyone, anytime, anywhere. Since we are a company from Germany, we constantly keep the bar on data protection and security at a maximum!

Supported trained models

  • Caffe v1*
  • Keras 1.2.2+ *
  • scikit-learn 0.18 *
  • XGBoost 0.6 *
  • LIBSVM 3.22 *
  • MXNet *
  • TensorFlow *
  • Core ML

Machine Learning Consulting

  • ML preparation for data / image analysis and recognition
  • high performance and optimization of the trained models
  • Optional: Marketplace for the marketing of trained models
  • Made in Germany

* must be converted to CoreML.

scope of performance

  • RestFull API for supported
  • Models for image and data analysis
  • API allows internet access
  • through iOS, Android, Linux and Windows systems
  • Integration in Apps
  • and backend systems
  • interchangeability and
  • Versioning "on the fly" 
  • Simple and transparent billing model

Data protection and security

  • Security by Design
  • End2End Encryption
  • no logging of the transferred data

However, you are welcome to contact us anyway.